Work with Your Brain, Not against Your Brain

The format is interactive, group sessions. We meet weekly for  2 - 4 weeks on a shared video conference line, me, you, and up to 15 of your colleagues. All sessions are recorded and audios provided for your reference. Transcripts of the content portion of the sessions are also provided.

This is where you can ask questions and get answers, interact with the other participants, and brainstorm related coaching questions.

At the present time, we are not offering workshops. If you're interested in the workshops, please keep checking back to see when we will resume offering them.


How do we help clients make change stick? Through neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to reorganize itself in response to new information.

Creating Strong Habits

Habits are absolutely the best way to succeed at your goals and achieve more in life and work. Clients who have the best habits are able to achieve at a higher level more easily. 

New Theory of Constructed Emotion

Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett's new theory of constructed emotion has changed how we coach emotional intelligence. Join the waitlist and be the first to learn when this course opens.

Creating Resilience

Experiencing some adversity is actually better than no adversity. That's because some distress can "toughen" us, helping us to view future stressful situations as manageable rather than overwhelming. In this course, you'll learn practical strategies to build resilience. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the habits course. The scientific explanation followed with personal examples of your journey and interesting tips and researched information for creating stronger habits. The information captured about small steps and envisioning smalls goals, were helpful, as opposed to focusing on the larger goal and losing motivation, which many of us do.  

Dominique Pirolo

SAP Senior Talent Advisor

I found the course very useful after reading the book as there were some things I had not yet bedded down within my understanding. It was good to be able to discuss this with you and have instant feedback on my understanding.  I also enjoyed being able to go back and view and listen again, which I did. This was really valuable as I missed the last session. 

Tammy Somerwil

Your Habits Course was really well put together and “easily digested”. You provided just enough interaction to keep us engaged. This course helped me help my clients understand that we always have choices. We each have the ability to use our minds to change the brain for the better. One small step at a time. . . .” I think these webinars are awesome!   You touch on all the issues we are coaching to . . . . (and, for our own development as well). 

Eva Jenkins


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