Neuroscience of Coaching

Navigating Problematic Emotions

Using money as a context, Leisa Peterson and I discuss problematic emotions, the activation of the amygdala, and how these can feed into self-sabotage. But good news: There are some simple tools we can all use to navigate these feelings.

From Fear to Fortune

Jeanna Gabellini shares her perspective on why we shouldn't let reality stop us from saying yes to opportunity. She and Dr. O'Brien also explore how dopamine can help us achieve our goals and how journaling prompts can overcome limiting beliefs.Enter your text here...

Harnessing Self-Acceptance

What connections in our brains forge our self-perception and sense of self-worth? Dr. Irena and Matthew Kimberley explore this while sharing insights and experiences with self-esteem challenges, from both their own journeys and coaching clients.

Leveraging the Predictive Brain

The human brain is a predictive machine. Our minds evolved to forecast and anticipate what’s next to ensure our survival. I talk with Lion Goodman about how coaches can leverage “the predictive brain” to help clients achieve better outcomes.

Focusing Our Attention

I'm joined by Ari Iny to dive into the challenge of focusing our attention. Following on the principles behind motivation in episode one, this episode explores the “attention network” in our minds — where the secret to focus lies. Ari Iny

Unlocking Motivation

I welcome Melinda Cohan for a surprising and deep conversation on the hidden science behind motivation. Whether motivating ourselves or our clients, understanding how to work with the brain instead of against it is the key to success.


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