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Leverage ROI to Confidently Describe Your Value That Secures Engagements and Maximizes Your Income and Impact!

Want our help to quantify your client results, generate your first report by October 31st and stop leaving money on the table?

The Neuroscience School 3-month ROI Pilot Program:

Here's what's included:

  • Automated ROI: Access to MyExcelia┬«, the first-of-its-kind automated ROI system to effortlessly show your real, financial ROI.
  • Client ROI Reports: Set-up link to MyExcelia to generate three final ROI report.
  • Useful Support Materials: Timely and relevant cheat sheets, conversation guides and templates to use at the perfect right time.
  • Showcase Your Impact: Step-by-step tutorials and templates to create  up to three ROI assets for your business development portfolio.
  • LIVE Sessions with Lisa and Irena: 7, 60-Minute LIVE Sessions to ask questions, get support and learn how to build on your ROI.

Overview of each LIVE session:

  • Session 1: We'll begin our journey by diving into course expectations, materials access, and how to select the right client for your ROI measurement. You'll experience a live demo of our state-of-the-art automated ROI system and receive a test link for hands-on practice. This session is essential for setting the foundation for the upcoming modules. By the end, you'll have a clear roadmap and the tools needed to begin.
  • Session 2: Share your technology experiences as we introduce "The Money Talk," complete with real-world examples and practice conversations. Together, we'll explore the subsequent steps for the ROI system. This module aims to bridge the gap between theory and practical application. Your feedback will play a crucial role in tailoring the following sessions.
  • Session 3: Master the final steps of our system so that you can collect your client's ROI data and delve deeper into "The Money Talk." We'll also address any lingering questions to ensure confidence in your capabilities. We prioritize clarifying any ambiguities at this stage. Together, we'll ensure every participant feels equipped and empowered to proceed.
  • Session 4: Understand the essence of "value proposition." Discover its significance and learn to craft it using your reports. Join Irena and Lisa for an insightful review and discussion of your value proposition. Their expert insights will shed light on nuances and best practices. Your grasp of the value proposition will become solid and actionable.
  • Session 5: Dive into "ROI Case Summaries" - understand their importance, role, and how to leverage them to build your credibility and increase your conversions. You'll also receive tutorials, example case summaries, and a paint-by-numbers template to make it easy to create your case summaries. Understanding the core elements and structure allows you to distill complex information succinctly. Crafting impactful summaries will become second nature.
  • Session 6: Familiarize yourself with the "ROI Case Study One-Pager." Recognize its significance, learn its application, and master its creation with a step-by-step guide complemented by examples and templates. By the end of this session, you will understand the strategic importance of a one-pager, when and how to use it, and will feel adept at producing it. It's all about refining your storytelling and presentation skills.
  • Session 7: Integrate all you've learned, combining each piece to form a cohesive and effective strategy for leveraging your client ROI in your selling conversations and client presentations. Reflect on your journey, acknowledge your growth, and recognize areas for continued development. This culmination will celebrate your accomplishments and prepare you for future challenges.

Our promise to you:

By the end of the program, you will have completed the following ROI Assets for your Business Development Toolkit, making it easier for you to attract the right client and secure new client business:

  • At least one, and up to three, Client ROI Reports using Lisa's automated system, MyExcelia
  • At least one, and up to three, value propositions based on your clients' ROI
  • At least one, and up to three, Case Summaries to leverage in selling conversations and based on your client's ROI
  • At least one, and up to three, ROI Case Studies to leverage following sales conversations

To take advantage of The Neuroscience School ROI Pilot Program, just click on one of the links below.

Warmly to you,

Irena O'Brien, PhD

Founder and CEO, The Neuroscience School

Lisa Ann Edwards

Founder and CEO,




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