Dr. Irena O'Brien, PhD

Founder and CEO

Dr. Irena O'Brien is a cognitive neuroscientist who has dedicated almost 30 years to the study of psychology and neuroscience. Following a successful career as a chartered accountant, she pursued her passion and earned a PhD in Psychology from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Conducting brain imaging and electrophysiological studies during her time there, she further expanded her expertise through a postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University's Centre for Language, Mind, and Brain.

Driven by her love for neuroscience, Dr. Irena founded The Neuroscience School, an innovative program providing coaches and health professionals with accessible and evidence-based tools. One of her aims is to counter the prevalent misinformation in the media by simplifying neuroscience. Particularly interested in how lifestyle choices impact brain health, mood, and cognition as we age, she firmly believes that a healthy mind necessitates a healthy body. Through her work, Dr. Irena empowers others to improve their lives and those of their clients by harnessing the practical applications of neuroscience.

Caroline Leroux-Boulay

Lead Facilitator

Since 2015, Caroline Leroux-Boulay has been a Professional and Personal Coach (PPCC), specializing in leadership growth across various sectors such as government, healthcare, non-profit organizations, education, corporate, and entrepreneurship. She's a master trainer for Multi-Health Systems and educates coaches and HR professionals in EQ-I and EQ-I 360 leadership and workplace evaluations. Additionally, Caroline conducts workshops on conversational intelligence, integrating neuroscience and emotional intelligence.

Currently, she is working towards a Master's degree in Human System Interventions at Concordia University. Her research centers on collaborative partnerships and conflict resolution. Caroline possesses a diverse educational foundation, including a theology degree and certifications in facilitation, specialized education, non-violent communication, and applied neuroscience.

Deeply committed to personal development, Caroline's goal is to assist others in identifying and leveraging their strengths. She is driven by the vision of enhancing the world by enabling individuals to achieve their highest potential and flourish within supportive communities.

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