Neuroscience Around the Web – Issue 16

Here are some interesting articles I found on the web recently:

For entrepreneurs, EQ is more important than IQ

"While IQ is unquestionably the better predictor of job performance and career success across all jobs and careers, within the domain of entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence was the stronger predictor of success. Those with high emotional intelligence tended to be more successful as business leaders and enjoy success than in more typical jobs and careers.”

60 seconds of daily exercise may be enough to improve cardiorespiratory fitness

If you find it hard to fit exercise into your schedule, new research shows that it may take less time than you think.  Three 20 second exercise sprints (called exercise snacks) a day, separated by 1 - 4 hours, over six weeks had cardiorespiratory benefits (9% improvement) comparable to three 20-second bike sprints over a 10-minute period (13% improvement).

A quick way to reduce stress

Nature is a proven, quick way to reduce stress. But it can be difficult to get out into nature in the middle of the day. Watching good quality nature videos and listening to nature sounds both help to reduce stress. I often have a livestream of the Africam Tembe Elephant Park running in the background: I can watch the elephants when I want to or just listen to the nature sounds. Youtube has many nature livestreams that you can choose from.

Gut-Brain Connection
Prediabetes increases risk of cognitive decline and dementia

Research continues to show, overwhelmingly, that diet and brain health are linked. A new study has found that higher than normal blood sugar levels at age 58, even if not at diabetic levels, is related to lower hippocampal volume and increased risk of cognitive decline (42%) and dementia (54%) over eight years. 

A quicker way to make decisions

Here are just some ideas: Use the "menu strategy" to sort your options into things that sound bad and things that sound good. Then choose one. Use the "free roll" when there are only upsides and no downsides. Hidden free rolls are when you'll have a good experience regardless of what you choose. And relying on a single past experience can be detrimental.

The personality trait that makes you live longer

People who score high on conscientiousness tend to live longer. One of the reasons is that they have lower levels if interleukin-6. Interleukin-6 is a biological marker that's central to the immune system and plays an important role in age-related morbidity.

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