Neuroscience Around the Web – Issue 9

Here are some interesting studies I found on the web recently:

Eating at Night

Eating at Night Is Worse than You Think

Our bodies burn fat only when our organs realise there is no more food coming our way. "When we eat late, the glucose remains in our blood for longer, which over the long term can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, where the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin. It can also damage tissues elsewhere, such as blood vessels or nerves in the eyes and feet. In the worst cases, this can result in blindness, or amputations."


Junk Food

Junk Food is Now Linked to Mental Illness

A good reason to avoid junk food: It has now been linked to mental illness, including bipolar disorder and depression. "Poor mental health is linked with poor diet quality -- regardless of personal characteristics such as gender age, education, age, marital status and income level."


Competition Can Backfire

Competition: Is it good or bad? Six experiments find that competition can shift "our focus from bettering ourselves to defeating our “opponent”, and then relaxing our own efforts."


Mindfulness Is Not Right for Everyone

Although "mindfulness meditation could offer a cost-effective way to help many people with mental health problems ... mindfulness is not risk free, and it may not suit everyone."

Exercise & Mood

Taking Care of Our Physical Health is Taking Care of Our Brain

Factors that influence the health of our blood vessels, such as smoking, high blood and pulse pressures, obesity and diabetes, are linked to greater brain shrinkage, declining thinking skills, and dementia.

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