Neuroscience Around the Web – Issue 6

Here are five interesting new studies/articles I've found on the web recently:


Harsh parenting with less emotional warmth can increase children's risk of developing antisocial behaviour, such as aggression and callous behaviour.

Neuroscience of Emotion

Emotional intelligence is a whole brain/body affair. Researchers have recently mapped where subjective feelings are located in the body. Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, in her new theory of constructed emotion, stresses the importance of our body state on our emotion constructs.

Other people like us more than we think. Three studies show that we under-estimate how we come across socially.

Why do only 50% of new businesses succeed? It's about your level of optimism. And it's not what you think. Owners with above average optimism earned 30% less than owners with below average optimism! "Optimists are more likely than most to mistakenly think they have found a good business opportunity and that they have what it takes to exploit it successfully."

Why do you sometimes find it hard to choose a product or make a decision? Do you stand in front of an array of detergent, for example, and can't decide which one to buy (just so you know, I've solved that problem by buying the same detergent for 20 years)? This indecision when faced with too many choices is real: Our brain's ability to make a decision is hampered when there are too many options. The "mental effort and the potential reward result in a sweet spot where the reward isn't too low and the effort isn't too high." The ideal number of options is between 8 and 15.

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