The Truth about Motivation – 2

Here's a video of a recent interview I had with Melinda Chen from Women Making Big Sales where we talked about how motivation is built through action, how to overcome failure and stay motivated, how progress in meaningful work, no matter how small, builds motivation that creates an upward spiral, why visualization and self-affirmations often lead to poorer performance, and other strategies to boost motivation and keep you motivated. You can check out my previous blog on this topic.


Key Takeaway

Motivation is built through small steps. Starting with the most important thing is not always the best strategy. Small steps ensure success, which increases dopamine and leads to more success, in an upward spiral. Rather than visualizing success, which doesn't increase motivation and can even have the opposite effect, visualize the process of getting to your goal. Pushing your comfort zone just a bit will increase your self-confidence over time.

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