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I’ve appreciated the solid scientific facts that Dr. Irena has distilled and made available through her Neuroscience School. She saved me countless research hours and left me feeling solidly grounded in updated scientific principles and discoveries. I could not be more grateful!

Kit Furey

Neuroscience, the science of the brain and nervous system, is the field coaches and counsellors are working in with every client they meet, whether they recognize it or not. It's our 'clay.' Dr. Irena O'Brien helps us take the science and extract practical, actionable tools and strategies to deliver results to clients. She is the real deal: patient, smart, and the person I turn to when I want to understand how to do better. Irena and The Neuroscience School are much-needed assets to the field of coaching.

Andrea J. Lee
CEO and Head Coach,Thought Partners International

I often find myself needing to seek reliable, recent and reputable information from the neuro-sciences and my “go to person” is Irena. As an international corporate trainer and executive coach it’s critical I remain up to date and aware of the constant changes that are happening in the world of behavioural cognitive sciences and I am privileged to be able to source all I need from Irena. She has the much needed skill to make a difficult research paper both practical and applicable. I highly recommend her.

Colin Cox
International Trainer and Executive Coach, MetaMinds International

I've known Irena's work for some years now. Her work is second to none. Irena is my 'go to' person should I have any doubts about the scientific rigor of anything I'm working on. I've attended Irena's presentations and can vouch that, even in answering supplementary questions, she knows her stuff and has definitely done the research. Irena provides in-depth, rigorously researched information in her area of expertise, delivered in a humble, honest, and straightforward manner.

Dr. Allan Fayter, DCH
Neuro-Semantic Master Trainer and Meta-Coach, www.optimum-mind.com
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