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How Neuroscience Can Make You a Better Coach

Neuroscience for coaches

​Coaches are change agents. As a coach, some of the ways you support clients in creating lasting change is by helping them build mindfulness, self-awareness, self-motivation, resilience, optimism, and self-efficacy.

​Key Takeaway

​A knowledge of brain science can help coaches understand their clients’ experiences and behaviour more accurately. It can provide coaches with additional, brain friendly tools and strategies to help their clients effect change. And knowledge of neuroscience can give coaches confidence that their theories and practices are valid.

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Metacognitive Therapy for Depression


Meta-cognitive therapy is an approach based on the metacognitive model where psychological disorders result from an inflexible and maladaptive response pattern to cognitive events labeled the Cognitive Attentional Syndrome. According to the metacognitive model of depression, rumination and worry is maintained by metacognitions and not by changes in mood or events.

This is an important study for coaches because MCT uses many of the techniques that we use with our clients. So this study offers some evidence, albeit indirect, that our approaches work.

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