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How Neuroscience Can Make You a Better Coach

Neuroscience for coaches

​Coaches are change agents. As a coach, some of the ways you support clients in creating lasting change is by helping them build mindfulness, self-awareness, self-motivation, resilience, optimism, and self-efficacy.

​Key Takeaway

​A knowledge of brain science can help coaches understand their clients’ experiences and behaviour more accurately. It can provide coaches with additional, brain friendly tools and strategies to help their clients effect change. And knowledge of neuroscience can give coaches confidence that their theories and practices are valid.

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More on Self-Actualization as Biologically Driven

More on Self-Actualization

In a previous post, I summarized a study by Douglas Kenrick, from the University of Arizona, and colleagues that looked at self-actualization as a biological drive.

It’s been about 80 years since Maslow introduced his hierarchy of needs and it is still influential today. However, science has evolved since Maslow’s time, particularly in the newer fields of evolutionary biology and positive psychology. In 2010, Douglas Kenrick from the University of Arizona and his colleagues published a seminal paper revisiting Maslow’s hierarchy of human motives in light of newer scientific advances.

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