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Latest Masterclasses

New Neuroscience of Emotion

​The New ​Theory of Emotion

Learn how ​emotions are not built-in but made from more basic parts, how they are not universal but vary from culture to culture, how they are not triggered but created, how we construct our own emotional experiences, and our perceptions of others’ emotions on the spot, as needed, and how there's no such thing as the 'amygdala hijack.'

we construct our own emotional experiences, and our perceptions of others’ emotions on the spot, as needed
exercise protects against cognitive decline and dementia associated with age

Sleep and Brain Health

​Learn how much sleep we really need, how sleep enhances learning and memory, how even 6 hours of sleep a night can reduce alertness and mental flexibility, how a weekend of "normal" sleep is not enough to make up for a week of short sleep, how chronic short sleep may lead to brain injury, and how napping can mitigate the effects of a night of short sleep.

Exercise and Brain Health

Exercise and Brain Health

Learn how exercise improves attention and cognitive functioning in children, how it protects against brain atrophy and cognitive decline associated with aging, how it can have immediate cognitive benefits, how exercise is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, and how it can even lead to epigenetic changes.


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